Luisa zecchinelli

She is Chair of Piano and teacher in the Psychology of Music and Vocal Chamber Music at the Conservatory "E.F.Dall'Abaco" in Verona, where she graduated with highest honours under Maestro Renzo Bonizzato. She continued her studies with Antonio Ballista, Vincenzo Vitale, Virginio Pavarana, Ivan Moravec and Guido Agosti, and in chamber music with Paolo Borciani.

Before the principal chair she had Conservatory’s assignaments as Rèpétitore (Venezia, Trieste, Trento) and principal piano (Verona).
She has performed as a soloist at the “Accademia Filarmonica” of Bologna and at the “Società Amici della Musica” in Verona, and has performed concerts in various instrumental chamber ensembles (such as Duo with the violinist Paolo de Rossi, and the "Klinger Trio" with cello and clarinet), as well as part of vocal groupings (such as "Mascagni di Padova” conducted by Luca Paccagnella, "Verdi di Padova" by Ubaldo Composta, "Città di Verona" by Marco Tonini) and polyphonic choirs ("Le Istitutioni Harmoniche" conducted by Mauro Zuccante, "Res Musica" by Guido Harzen, "Santa Cecilia" by Paolo Piana, "San Marco" by Roberto Spremulli) and concert programmes of music by Brahms, and Rossini 's Petite Messe Solennelle and Stabat Mater.

As chief opera Répétiteur she staged opera concerts at the “Teatro Scientifico Bibiena” of Mantua, “Teatro Filarmonico” in Piove di Sacco , “Palazzo del Turismo” in Abano Terme and at the Abano Kursaal, Auditorium Selvazzano (PD). She was invited to the Große Musik Halle in Hamburg and Lyric International Competitions (Lignano Sabbiadoro).

She has worked as pianist with the conductor Ulderico Manani during the seasons 2001-2002-2003 for a series of theatrical productions inspired by well-known persons who have stayed at Recoaro Terme (Verdi, Queen Margherita and Mascagni) . With conductor Paolo Valerio she supervised the vocal coaching of the opera "Il cuoco fellone" by Andrea Mannucci at the “Teatro Nuovo” in Verona, and with Francesca Rollo has worked on “Rigoletto” conducted by Francesco Rosa for Season 1999 in Isernia. She has accompanied several internationally known artists in recital, such as Cecilia Gasdia , Hui He , Annunziata Lia Lantieri, Marta Moretto, Giovanna Lanza, Giorgio Casciarri, Renato Zuin, Vincenzo di Donato, Benito Apolloni, Andrea Martin, Silvio Zanon, Andrea Zese, Dario Giorgelè, Massimiliano Fichera, Riccardo Zanellato, Frano Lufi, Tullio Falzoni and many others.

She performs as a piano accompanist with the soprano Annunziata Lia Lantieri, and since 1995 they have made recordings and performed opera concerts and chamber music, focusing in particular on the rediscovery and re- evaluation of Italian vocal chamber repertoire of the late nineteenth century and the twentieth century. The Duo has performed in chamber vocal ensembles as the "Ariel Trio" (with flute) and the "Trio Boldini" (with clarinet), and the "Quartetto Vocale Romantika" with piano duo.

Contemporary composers have dedicated works to the Duo, and have performed their world premiers (Andrea Mannucci, Raffaello Sapere, Beniamino Sanson, Virginio Zoccatelli, Paolo Pachera, and Teresa Procaccini). Their chamber repertoire includes the main song cycles and lieder in Italian, German, French and Spanish. At the Auditorium of the “Teatro Carlo Felice” in Genoa they have performed Melodies and Songs by FP Tosti in the new Ricordi edition prepared by the musicologist Francesco Sanvitale . The Duo have also given recitals at major opera houses, concert halls and theatres such as the “Teatro Bibiena” of Mantua , the “Teatro Salieri” Legnago, the “Piccolo Teatro di Giulietta”(Teatro Nuovo di Verona), Theatre of Udine and Pordenone , “Teatro Pirandello " Agrigento, the “Accademia Filarmonica” of Verona, “Auditorium S. Barnaba” and “Theatro San Carlino” of Brescia , the Seasons of the " Concerti del Chiostro" of the Conservatoire of Verona, the "Amici della Musica" of Ferrara, the Review "Autunno in Musica" of the Cariverona ; and chamber music concerts hosted in historic buildings such as the "Musica a palazzo" at “Palazzo Malfatti –Scherer” at Ala (TN) , Palazzo Zuckermann, Palazzo del Bo ', “Palazzo Zabarella” in Padua , “Palazzo Verità Poeta”, “Sala Montanari” at the “Società Letteraria” in Verona, and at the Auditorium of the "Vittoriale degli Italiani" at Gardone Riviera. She has performed also in the “Sale Apollinee” at the “Teatro La Fenice” in Venice for the 2011 Festival Galuppi. Recently she was invited by the Archivio "Guido Alberto Fano" to the VI Music event held in Venice, ' Ottonovecento strumentale ' Lidomusicagosto 2013.

The Duo has recorded the complete works of vocal chamber music by Gian Francesco Malipiero, Marco Enrico Bossi, Trii e liriche di Beniamino Sanson (Rainbow classics), Liriche di Dino Durante- Beniamino Sanson (1stpop record); Salotto italiano primo novecento: Liriche di Cimara e Donaudy; Gabriele D'Annunzio: l’imaginifico nella lirica vocale da camera (emmeciesse Music Publishing ); Omaggio a Francesco Martini, Compositrici italiane del XX secolo ( AMSongs & Music ) , “Ritorno da Nikolajewka” in memoria del 70° della ritirata di Russia with music by Beniamino Sanson and words by Annunziata Lia Lantieri (Azzurra music).

The two artists have given masterclass at the University State Conservatory in Izmir (Turkey), at the International Courses Music Nervi, and at the International Courses at the Villa Mazzotti Chiari (BS).
Luisa Zecchinelli has a particular interest in research projects relating to poetry and music-concert lectures focused on the analysis of textual and musical compositions in the verses of poets Victoria Aganoor Pompilj , Gabriele D'Annunzio, and Giovanni Pascoli promoted by the “Società Letteraria” of Verona in collaboration with the Steinway Society. In December 2013 she was invited by the “Accademia di Agricoltura Scienze e Lettere” of Verona to attend the “D’Annunzio e la musica” on the 150th anniversary of his birth, on the subject “Fortuna di Canto novo nella lirica vocale da camera”.

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with Annunziata Lia Lantieri-“D’Annunzio” al Festival Galuppi 2011-Teatro La Fenice, Sale Apollinee

with Annunziata Lia Lantieri- “Martucci”2009-Auditorium “Montemezzi”-Conservatorio “E.F.Dall’Abaco” di Verona

Luisa Zecchinelli, pianist